SV Series

Taking innovation to the next level, the SVSS1050x60 will set your sights to greater distances with superior clarity. Offering a 34mm main body tube, enhanced travel allotment, locking turrets and Sightron's unique patent pending F.A.S.T. Focus system and all components pushing the limits of no boundaries.


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SIII Field Target Series

Sightron’s Field Target series riflescopes are designed to meet the demands of competitive Airgun shooters. Champion born features such as Sightron's Precision Windage and Elevation system. Zact-7 Revcoat® lens coatings producing superior light transmission and clarity and over 4 inches of eye relief. Precision parallax adjustment between 9 and 55 yards provide accuracy for precise ranging.


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SIII First Focal Plane Series

Speed and accuracy are some of the components that make a championship shooter in the competitive world. Sightron’s First Focal Plane series allows the shooter to range and holdover with speed and accuracy knowing that the reticles dimensions will remain constant on all magnifications.


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SIII LR Series

The skill of distance shooting requires persistence, the proper knowledge and the right equipment to reach the target. No matter what your requirements are the SIII LR series provides the highest resolution with enough windage and elevation travel that is required for Long Range F-Class and Benchrest matches. The SIII LR series riflescopes provide the equipment to set your sights down range.


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S-TAC Series®

The art of shooting is as unique as the shooter themselves. The S-TAC series riflescopes easily adapts to the shooters needs with low to mid-range magnification. All S-TAC series riflescope features and performance are packed in a 30mm tube delivering performance in a unique way. Take aim knowing you can mount to any situation at hand.


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SII Target Series

The SII Target series puts all the required features in an affordable package. Take aim knowing that you will never miss with the SII Target series riflescope.


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SII Hunting Series

We like to think that at the heart of a riflescope there is precision, accuracy, clarity and ruggedness that can withstand any environment. We built the SII Hunting series with this in mind and then added a little more affordability.


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SIH Field Target Series

Maybe the most versatile scope in the Sightron product line, the SIH Field Target series can be all things good to all people. With a focus range from 8 yards to infinity. For air gun use, and .22 rim fire, the short focus covers all air gun and small caliber needs. Strong enough for your center fire hunting rifle, the SIH Field Target series is one versatile scope.


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SIH-TAC Series

The SIH-TAC Series Tactical Models are at the apex of performance. Offering resettable to zero tactical turrets for precise adjustments on a moments notice and a rugged one piece tube that will endure the toughest assault.


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SIH Hunting Series

Enter the world of the SIH Hunter Series. From trophy bucks to prairie dogs serious hunters have the mind-set of owning the best equipment. Designed with an emphasis on quality and durability, the SIH series lets you view the world with a mark on the target.


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